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Michigan Home Building Information | Little Valley Homes - Garfield_ExteriorModular Home vs. Manufactured Home

The terms Modular Home and Manufactured Home are often used interchangeably and can cause some confusion.  Although a Modular Home is manufactured in a factory setting, there is a difference between the two types of homes.

However, whether you select a Modular or Manufactured Home, you are getting a home protected from the weather; built and supervised, in a controlled factory environment and assembled on your site.  You will have a wide range of amenities to select from including kitchen appliances, cabinets, fireplaces, ceramic showers, spa-style bathrooms, etc.   

Modular Homes

Modular Homes are constructed and built in the factory under environmentally-controlled conditions and must meet strict quality control requirements before delivery.  They are transported to the site on carrier frames, then using cranes, removed from the carrier, and placed and assembled onto a permanent foundation.  Once on site, modular homes are often indistinguishable from comparable on-site stick-built homes.

Modular Homes...

  • Must conform to the Michigan Residential Building Code (MRBC), which is the same as homes stick-built on site.
  • Treated the same by banks and lending institutions as homes stick-built on site.
  • Follow the same market trends as stick-built homes.
  • Must be structurally approved by inspectors.
  • Can be customized.

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes were formerly labeled mobile homes or trailers.  Their advantages are mobility and affordability as they can be built in a single or multi-sectional.  Manufactured Homes are manufactured in the factory under controlled conditions and are inspected before delivery.  They are transported on their own frame, which remains with the home when set on the foundation.  Some areas have restrictions where manufactured homes can be placed if installing on a permanent private foundation.

Manufactured Homes...

  • Must conform to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Are inspected.
  • Often placed in Manufactured Home Communities.
  • Often times treated as a separate lending category from a Modular Home.
  • Can often times be customized.

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